Our missionaries and missions

Please consider them in your prayers.

Quebec  Missions

  Kent Osborne

One Hope Canada
One Hope Canada

Field director(One Hope Canada)
Email: kentosborne@onehopecanada.ca

Here is the link to their website

One Hope Canada-Quebec Field

Shannon Morrow  -Youth Unlimited (Lachute/Argenteuil) 

Youth Unlimited  (Lachute/Argenteuil)

Shannon joined Youth Unlimited in 2011 as the Lachute/Argenteuil Ministry Coordinator. Shannon empowers youth and their families to reach their full life potential. She loves to connect with young people, build relationships with them, encourage them, introduce them to Jesus and disciple them. Shannon is engaged to Jean Pierre.

Favourite book: Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

Favourite band: Tenth Avenue North

Pastimes: Spending quality time with my fiancé, friends and family

Sports: weight training

Update-she is now married to Jean-Pierre.


Brad & Cassandra Stewart

Power to Change(Quebec)
Power to Change(Quebec)

Here is the link to their website & bio

Brad & Cassandra Collins


Logifem: A shelter for women in difficulty(Quebec)

Here is the link to their website



World Missions

Adrian & Jessica Lovera (Word of Life in Argentina)
International Missionaries
International Missionaries

I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I grew up in a Catholic home, but at the age of twelve years old I became involved in the world of drugs and alcohol. Without realizing it I became a slave to this type of lifestyle which was the worst time in my life. I felt that my life had no purpose but I could not get out of this life of drug addiction. But one day by God’s grace a missionary invited me to a Christian camp. At that camp is where I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time and that is when I decided to give my life to the Lord. After the week of camp God opened a door for me to go to a Christian Rehab Centre for one year. Discipleship and time with the Word of God is what helped me to grow in my Christian life and walk with the Lord. After that year I was given the opportunity to go to the Bible Institute of Word of Life and study there for four years. During those four years is when I met my wife Jessica and together we felt God’s calling to serve Him as full time missionaries to wherever He calls us.


I was born in Quebec, Canada. I was raised in a Christian home hearing about the Word of God, but not really allowing it to be something important in my life. My parents got divorced in my teenage years which led to changes in my views on life. In my teenage years I left home wanting to travel and experience what was out in the world. Along the way I made bad decisions and got further and further away from the truth of God. I had become deaf to the things of above. When close to turning 19 years old, as I pondered on my life I felt a nudge in my heart to hear God. Through different circumstances and people that God brought into my life I made the decision that I needed to leave Canada and go somewhere where maybe I could find something that would fill the emptiness in my heart. I was lead to go to Word of Life Argentina. At the Bible Institute I heard the gospel, something heard from my childhood, but this time my heart knew that God was missing in my life. At that moment I opened my heart to Him and He filled my heart and changed my life forever. I studied the Bible for three years and through that time had the opportunity to meet Adrian my husband. God took a hold of my heart in Argentina and I am so ever grateful for His unconditional love for us. I am so blessed and privileged to be serving Him with my husband.

World Vision 

RBC(the daily bread)
















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