Our times & Location

Welcome to Peoples Church Two-Mountains.

IMG_4932 We are a family oriented church with a Christ centered message. We sincerely hope that you can join us in our Sunday Worship Service.

 Sunday Service     Time – 10:30am

Running concurrently with the service,

        aaaaa -The nursery (for ages 0-3 yrs)

                             -Sunday School  (for ages 4-12)   images hh

                                                                          Youth Class for young teens–

Bible Study-Wednesdays at 7:15pm On Zoom  (if interested please email or call us so we can add you on Zoom)

Ladies Bible Study-Tuesday at 9:30 am at the church

Peoples Two-Mountains is a growing community church just 10 minutes north of Laval

            Our Location 

Peoples Church
370, 5th Avenue
Deux-Montagnes, QC J7R 3E6            Phone: 450-473-8569

2 thoughts on “Our times & Location

  1. Hi, my family and I are newcomers in Deux-Montagnes. I’d like to know if the service is in English or French.
    Also, are the services being online or in person?
    If they are online, could you please tell us the link to participate?
    Thanks in advance. God bless

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